The Windsurfing Forward Loop

A Few facts about Windsurfing

Whilst kit set up is personal, I find that the majority of good loopers have both a relatively high boom and a generous to big sizing of their footstraps.In order to work towards the move concentrate on:Improving and developing your jumping and chop hopping skillsEnsure that you are doing this airtime prep with your body over the board on take off.

Facts about the forward loop

How To Forward Loop

  1. Look for your ramp
  2. Jump and turn the board down wind.
  3. Push the front hand forward
  4. Keep sheeting and do not look at the water

Windsurf Fwd Loop Competition

Name Sail Number Score
Rob ES46 3rd
Sharon GB14 2nd
James GB39 1st

The Windsurf Forward Loop Winner collects £1000

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